Visible Learners

Two-way communication key to visible learning

At St Patrick’s School we are committed to communicating regularly and in real time with parents and carers to help our students become visible learners.

A visible learner is a student who:

  • Can explain what they are learning and why
  • Can talk about how they are learning and the strategies they are using
  • Can articulate their next learning step
  • Understands assessment tools used and what the results mean
  • Asks questions and clarifies
  • Sees mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Actively seeks feedback
  • Sets learning goals

We regularly share our classroom learnings and experiences with families using the ‘Seesaw’ mobile phone app. In Seesaw, each student has access to their own journal where they can add photos, videos, drawings, notes and links to reflect on their learning.

Through Seesaw and a personalised QR code, parents and families can securely access their own child’s journal and posts as they happen. Seesaw’s messaging function encourages and enhances communication between school and home.


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