Extra Curricula

Learning and growing beyond the classroom

St Patrick’s School offers a range of inspiring learning opportunities for every child across a range of interests and abilities in areas such as sport, music and art.


We hold school assemblies every fortnight. These are led by individual classes and give students the opportunity to learn valuable skills. Assemblies are an opportunity for students to share and showcase their learning, to learn what is involved in running formalities for large gatherings, to practise public speaking and presenting information and ideas, and valuable leadership skills, such as working collaboratively with others.

Incursions / Excursions

All classes attend incursions/excursions that relate to and extend their classroom learning. These experiences are included in tuition fees, so there is no additional cost to families.

School camps

School camps help children build confidence, independence, self-discipline, and relationships with others; among other skills they will learn on camp. Therefore, we consider school camps as integral to the curriculum at St Patrick’s School. We offer camps every second year which means students will be given the opportunity to attend a camp in Year 5 or Year 6.

Parents pay a cost to send their child to camp, and the school also contributes toward this cost.


Our music program is varied and includes weekly lessons and exciting opportunities to be involved in bigger events.

School Concert and Carols Evening

The highlight on the St Patrick’s School calendar is the school concert, which takes place every two years as part of our Performing Arts program.

Students from Reception to Year 6 have great fun learning dance routines with the support of staff and an Artist in Residence.

In the alternate years, we have a Christmas Carols evening where each class performs their item in front of other students, staff, parents and friends. 

Catholic School Music Festival

Students from Years 5 to 6 take part in the St Patrick’s School Festival Choir. Being part of the choir gives students the opportunity to learn the basics of singing and get a taste of performing in a program with other schools in a large auditorium. 

Instrumental Program

St Patrick’s School facilitates music tuition in piano, guitar, drums and singing. Lessons are taught by experienced private tutors during school hours and students showcase their talents at a concert during the year.

The cost of these lessons is not covered by general school fees and additional payment is required. Cost is determined by the tutor. Please contact the school office if you require further information.


Sport lessons are part of the school day curriculum for every student. St Patrick’s also offers

  • Sporting school program
  • Sport clinics
  • Swimming (Years R-4)
  • Aquatics (Years 5-6 biannually)
  • Volleyball

Students from Years 4 to 6 may be chosen to represent St Patricks at sporting carnivals during the year such as Cross Country, Athletics and Volleyball.

Children's University

Children’s University provides educational opportunities for children aged 7 to 14 outside of school hours, to enhance existing learning, build confidence and inspire aspiration.

Each child receives a Passport to Learning, which lists the activity they completed. A child graduates when they have reached the required number of learning hours. Certificates are presented in a graduation ceremony at the University of Adelaide.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

St Patrick’s School students who are interested, can take part in international competitions in English and Mathematics.

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