Community Workers

A pillar of support for our community

St Patrick’s School is funded through Uniting SA’s Cultural Community Capacity Building Program to employ some community workers to run additional support services for our families.

These include:

Playgroup (Wednesday and Friday: 9.30am-11.30am)

Playgroup supports the development of pre-school children (aged 0-5). This free service encourages early literacy and numeracy skill development, encourages community connection and helps to build friendships between children and families.

Parenting Skills Sessions

Children don’t come with instructions. These free sessions include activities designed to help parents, access peer and expert advice, and learn more about health and nutrition.

1:1 Parenting Support

Sometimes parenting is hard. Your child may have some developmental or health challenges, or maybe they are especially strong willed. This one-on-one service is available for any parent needing some additional intensive support.

School Holiday Playgroup event

These lively events bring parents and children together in the holidays for social interaction and fun.

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