Chaplain / School Counsellor

A listening ear and helping hand through life’s challenges

Children sometimes need more than a nurturing school environment for them to flourish.

St Patrick’s School has a Counsellor (Thursdays) and a Chaplain (Wednesdays) who provide pastoral care and support the wellbeing of children, families and staff.

These people are available to help work through issues that are affecting social and emotional wellbeing, including anxiety, grief and loss, family issues and relationship challenges.

Support by the Counsellor and Chaplain may include prevention and intervention approaches to help with the child’s learning and social development. This can occur one-on-one, or in group activities. It all depends on each child and their individual needs. Any student can ask to meet with the School Counsellor or Chaplain. Parents and staff may also refer a student to these services if they think it could benefit the person.

If you would like your child to meet with a Counsellor please complete the form by clicking on the button below and return the form to the Front Office or emailing it  to 

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