Catholic Education South Australia

Special Education Unit

St Patrick's School has a Special Education Unit, called the Judy Burley Learning Support Centre. This facility is unique in South Australian Catholic Primary Schools.

The Judy Burley Learning Support Centre serves Catholic Schools in the Adelaide Archdiocese. It is a Special Education facility designed to cater for the needs of children who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability. The setting of the facility is within a regular primary school environment in order to enhance integration and appropriate modelling.

Our philosophy that full-time integration into the regular classroom can sometimes in itself be a restrictive environment for students with an intellectual disability, so the program offers an Individual Education Plan for each child that aims to support each student in both a mainstream class and a Special Education facility.

The class is an entity in it's own right, however each child's integration into the mainstream will be individually explored and maximised through consultation and with the support of an Individual Education Plan.