Catholic Education South Australia

The Arts

At St Patrick's School we aim to give the students opportunities to experience all of the art forms at varying stages of engagement throughout their primary school years.

Each art form has its own characteristics and body of knowledge and each makes a unique contibution to learning.

  • Dance: students at St Patrick's School have the opportunity to develop a variety of Dance through class dance, concerts and the Footsteps' dance program.
  • Drama: the enactment of real and imagined events through role-play, play making and performance, enabling individuals and groups to explore, shape and represent ideas, feelings and their consequences in symbolic or dramatic form.
  • Media: the visual and aural communication of ideas for a mass audience using print, film and electronic media. It uses technology to create products in a multiplicity of media forms. It extends to the understanding of media, through the development and understanding of media language.
  • Music: the students at St Patrick's School are involved in a range of musical activities. We are proud to offer a specialist music program which gives each child the opportunity to begin their musical journey. Weekly lessons involve responding to music through movement, dance, singing and playing instruments. Children are encouraged to work creatively to explore musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch, tone colour and style. We create a learning environment where students gain confidence to explore and create their own musical compositions. Part of this creative process involves the students growing in confidence to perform their own works and the works of others.
  • Visual Arts: the exploration and expression of ideas through a broad range of approaches in visual images, forms and structures. These include contemporary visual culture, traditional crafts and design (graphic, environmental, product) as well as experimental and conceptual work. Visual arts practice involves the use of diversity of visual conventions and symbols; and of materials, mediums and techniques, underpinned by aesthetic, social, cultural and technological considerations.
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