Catholic Education South Australia

School Chaplain


With the help of the Federal and State Australian Government, St Patrick's school provides the support of a School Chaplain. Our School Chaplain, Pauline Rossetti is here each Wednesday.

The role includes:

  • Pastorally being available to students, staff and families as a support at times of the loss of a loved one, a family crisis eg unexpected illness, accident, hospitalization or just needing someone to talk to about a concern, or wanting to find out names of organisations that can be an ongoing support.
  • Mentoring of students, students who lack confidence, are experiencing problems with making choices, having difficulties with friendships etc. can be referred to the Chaplain to help develop skills to make these areas of their school life less stressful. Students can be referred by their teacher, their parent/s or  themselves ask to see the Chaplain.
  • Faith support, supporting the school in their programs of faith development for the students and the Catholic Ethos of Catholic Schools. Students of a non-Catholic background are also supported in their practices and beliefs.