The Out of School Hours Care service commences at 7.00am before school until 6.00pm after school.

The Service is provided by Camp Australia who is responsible to the St Patrick's School Board.

The Out of School Hours Care Service is run in the Sister Mary Mercer Hall where children enjoy ample space to be active and be part of exciting activities. Parents have easy access to the service through the Hume Street Car Park.

Each week there is a planned programme which focuses on all areas of development, we provide breakfast each day and a light meal in the afternoons. Students are encouraged to complete their homework activities.

Child Care Benefit is available to all families which can help reduce fees.

Hours of operation

  • Before School  7.00 - 8.30am  ($10.00 per child) 
    • Out of pocket cost - ($2.46 - $5.00 per child)
  • After School  until 6.00pm ($18.00 per child)
    • Out of pocket cost - ($3.06 - $9.00 per child)
  • Pupil free days 7.00am - 6.00pm ($35.00 per child)

Please contact the OSHC Coordinator on 0447 141 518 or by ringing the school office on 8303 4500.